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      Community-led action critical for locust livelihood response in the Greater Horn of AfricaIM体育最新版下载

      23 March 2020

      A statement from the Regional Desert Locust Alliance on the desert locust invasion across the Greater Horn of Africa. Activities to control locusts and address their impact on livelihoods must continue, as it remains a critical threat to food security and livelihoods across ten countries.  


      Farm Africa's response to Covid-19IM体育最新版下载

      17 March 2020

      We are grateful for the ongoing support from so many individuals and organisations in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. This will enable us to continue vital work helping communities across eastern Africa to escape poverty and build their resilience to challenges such as the climate crisis, the current locust infestation and to economic shocks brought 关于 by the pandemic.

      Strengthening the aquaculture ecosystem in KenyaIM体育最新版下载

      13 March 2020

      Farm Africa has received funding from the Open Society Foundations for a two-year project, Strengthening the Aquaculture Ecosystem in Kenya (SAEK), to build a resilient and inclusive policy environment for the development of Kenya’s aquaculture sector. 

      International Women's Day: Empowering Female FarmersIM体育最新版下载

      06 March 2020

      International Women’s Day is here, giving Farm Africa an opportunity to reflect on how our projects are empowering women and girls in eastern Africa. Farm Africa’s Livestock for Livelihoods programme, funded by UK aid, supports pastoralist women in South Omo and Karamoja to set up sustainable, small goal rearing enterprises to generate income and provide them and their families with a 更多 nutritious diet.

      Creating brighter futures for young people through vegetable farming IM体育最新版下载

      06 March 2020

      Naphtali has joined Farm Africa’s Growing Futures project in Kenya. Before joining, he struggled to fetch a good price for this vegetables. Now with a contract with the export company VegPro, his income has grown.

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